Friday, February 08, 2008

January 31-February 7, 2008

37/365 Hell Gate
The Hell Gate Bridge spans the East River from Astoria in Queens, to Wards Island. It is part a 3.2 mile long railway bridge connecting Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Construction on the bridge was completeled in 1916, and it went unpainted until the 1990's. When it was finally refurbished, this unique color, "Hell Gate Red" was chosen for it.

The Hell Gate Bridge was also the inspiration for the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.


37/365 Naval Militia Base, New York State Armory

33/365 Quickly Through the Tunnel

Tyler Tickles the Ivories

34/3365 Go Big Blue!

31/365 Approved by Postmaster General


Pretty Purple Pills

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